Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlotte's Birthday: Part 1

So this child is only 2 and already her birthday is going to be lasting for 2 whole weeks! Not too shabby... although she better not expect this in the future.

We started last week when we were up visiting my parents at the lake and since Pop pop won't be able to join us for the party, we had a small celebration up there. Complete with a homemade party hat (publix and CVS didn't seem to carry them), small cupcake, candles, and of course, a present! She got her very own wooden cuckoo clock from germany; a cheaper, smaller version than the one that Gigi and Pop pop have in their house. Charlotte LOVES it and says 'tick tock' when ever she walks by and puts her figure to her ear and says 'birds' whenever it goes off.

Her second birthday celebration was at home with mommy and daddy on her actual birthday. We spent the morning at the park and then celebrated her birthday that night. She got a 2.5 foot tall Minnie Mouse doll ($10 on craigslist)... and she was carting poor minnie around all night.

The last gift we got her I actually picked up before Christmas; this was another fantastic craigslist find. It's the Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand and water table. It is already the best $35 I've spent this year (ok, so it's only March, but still). Charlotte was out there for 2 hours her first night and another 3 hours again the next day... I am a huge fan of this toy. Although I do tend to agree with some of the reviews for this product; a few said to keep only sand or only water in it otherwise it turns into a huge mess. Which it did... after about 15 minutes of her playing with it. There was sand in the water side, water in the sand side, etc.; but I think I'll keep it like this (sand and water) for a while... she likes to use the water to make sand castles. All in all, I am a huge fan of this toy, plus it comes with an umbrella to block out some of the sun.

Charlottes birthday party isn't until this coming Sunday and I'm busy working on food, favors, and decorations -- stay tuned to see how the rest of her 2nd birthday goes.


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