Monday, February 28, 2011

Clothes: Rotating through the sizes...

Well, it's that time again - and BOY has it snuck up on me - to pack up all of the newborn and 0-3 month clothes and get out my 6-9 month clothes. No, I didn't forget about 3-6 month... I keep two sizes in the closet at a time so I'm not always rotating clothes up to the attic. Although I do keep a small box on the floor of the closet for the clothes that she outgrows before I do an entire closet cleaning.
There are clothes ALL over poor Jillian's room - between unpacking from our latest trip, doing laundry, and now switching out the clothes... there is no where to walk! (wish me luck on tomorrows early morning feeding).

While we are on the subject of laundry... can I say "ugh!!". Actually, I take that back; it's not the 'doing' of the laundry that I dislike, that's childsplay. It's the 'putting it away' aspect that kills me every time. In my house, laundry is like a 3-day event.
Day 1: Separate clothes into piles on the hallway floor:
  • towels/sheets
  • lights
  • darks
  • pinks (I have 2 daughters, this is usually my largest pile)
I then work my way through said piles. Washer --> dryer --> miss the buzzer (because my "laundry room" is in my garage... again UGH) --> fluff clothes and listen through the open garage door for the buzzer --> while warm, take out clothes and lay flat on back of couch (So I don't have to iron more than usual OR wear wrinkled clothes)
I do this until all clothes are laid out and separated by it's owner.
By this time, I'm bored of laundry... so I leave clothes until later.
Day 2: Since the couch is all cluttered with the clothes, I decide to move the clothes into their designated rooms so I can 'get to them when I have a free moment'.
I forget about clothes for the rest of the day. Out of sight, out of mind.
Day 3: Decide its time to put the clothes away because the cats inevitably determine that the clothes are the perfect place to nap. Bring clothes back onto the couch, armed with a hundred or so large and small plastic coat hangers, and finally finish the laundry! Woo hoo.
But wait... with 4 people in this household, it's almost time to do laundry again... oh... joy...

Disclaimer: Please read this post as a humorous tongue-in-cheek assessment of laundry day (er... or 3), and not just as one big ole' complaint.


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