Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm an AUNT!

Picture from Needle n Thread Sewing Co
I am so happy to be an AUNT for the first time! I am going to spoil that little girl rotten.
My brother and his wife welcomed their first baby, Brynnleigh, into the world this afternoon! Which, just so happens to be the day before the scheduled c-section; figures huh?

Here's a little back story: They knew they were having a girl but were withholding the name until their bouncing baby girl was born. All we knew was that the name started with a "B" and is 10 letters long (phew!!) My sister-in-law is due in a few days, but the baby is already measuring BIG for her tiny body, AND the baby hasn't dropped AND she isn't progressing, so they scheduled the c-section for Thursday.

Jump ahead to today: My brother calls while I'm in Sams stocking up so I answer and say, "Are you calling with news or just to chat?" In typical Andy fashion, he says "oh just to chat" and we talk for a few minutes and then he asks me if I want to know the baby's name. Which totally confuses me. I know I should have connected the dots, but she wasn't progressing and the c-section is tomorrow morning.... So I say, "I thought you weren't telling the name until she was born", and he hemmed and hawed and says "well, do you want to know?". And I'm all confused for the next few minutes saying stuff like, "well.. why are you telling me now?" and "Didn't you want to wait?", "wait... did you have the baby? No you didn't have the baby yet?.... Well did you?". Finally he says "Yes we had her". So of course I don't believe him, but then he put the brand new mama on. So now that I'm convinced, I make him start over from the beginning (which in my opinion is where he should have started anyway... instead of from the end). So anyway... YAY, I'm an Aunt!

That being said, I am now able to work on part 2 of Project #4 from my monthly goals post. So the second I get home from errands and the kids are asleep I hop onto the computer to start work on some embroidery projects for little Miss. Brynnleigh. If you read my earlier post (at the bottom)about embroidery projects you will remember that for me to do an embroidery project takes quite a bit of prep. So anyway, I hop on the computer and digitize the name and the stats and throw in some cutesy free digitized images that I found online and then I print out my finished product at 100% so I can use it as a template when I get to my mother-in-laws.

Sweet. I am stoked to get a jump start on Miss. Brynnleigh's gifts.

I then feed Jillie, fill up my cooler bag with my part of dinner, put my "embroidery bag" together (stuff that I carry from my house to my mother-in-laws and back for projects), gather up a few toys and get the kids into the car just before the rain starts.

I beat the rain to my mother-in-laws and cart everything and everyone into the house before the downpour. Just as the rain is starting, I look down at what I just carried in and realize I am missing the ever important "embroidery bag"..... in the immortal words of Homer Simpson...d'oh.

I'll try again tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for Brynnleigh's baby gifts!


  1. So she must have avoided a c-section? Awesome! Congratulations on being an aunt!

    I am stopping by from the I ♥ Blogging hop, thank you for joining our hop!

  2. Congratulations! Being an aunt is a specialness all of its own!


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