Friday, March 18, 2011

Lofty goals for the next 30 days...

The hubby is going to be... er... preoccupied for another month (thanks Army)... meaning it's PROJECT TIME. (plus hopefully some crafty time in there as well). Here are the projects:
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Check this out... my youngest princess is nearly 5 months old. 5 MONTHS OLD! and take a look at her month-by-month frame that is hanging on her wall. Not... one... single... picture... Apparently I have not had 5 minutes to resize a picture to fit into this frame. Seriously? I'm a horrible mother (especially considering princess #1's frame was pretty much up-to-date).
Project #1: Print out 5 pictures to make month-by-month frame up-to-date - Completed.

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You know the good old fashioned photo albums that we all used to get? Well, I was particular about these... they had to be the same exact album so that when I set them up on a shelf they would look like a set. All fine and dandy until I couldn't find said album and had to start ordering them online, bleh. Plus, having to print out all your pictures and slip those pictures into the slots. Not to mention how much space those suckers take up...
A little while ago I decided that instead of printing pictures out and putting them in albums, I was going to make one photo book every 3-4 months and get that printed. Well, I've only done 2 books so far...
Project #2: Get at least another 2 books completed and ready to order - half completed.
* I LOVE LOVE LOVE for ordering my books. Their software is so easy to use on your computer. My favorite part is how you can add a picture and it automatically updates the flow of the page, but you can also manually move and resize the pictures. The only problem is that they are a bit pricey... so I wait until sales and then I can order all the ones on my "bookshelf" at one time!

This one is kind of minor... but will have a HUGE impact on getting the girls dressed in the morning...
Project #3: Organize the sock drawers.
Now that I have 2 girls with 2 different size of tiny socks in the house, it gets confusing. I need a method! I think I'm going to write in permanent marker on the bottom of the socks the size so I know (a) which drawer they go in and (b) when they have been outgrown. Yup... that should do it!

Project #4: Embroidery! Completed, Here.
I have 2 birthdays and 2 babies coming this month!
Project #5: Make a tutu - completed!

Project #6: Make a fabric rosette - Completed, and also apron here.

Project #7-.... : I hope to knock off some more of my  "To-Attempt" crafts!

Wish me luck!


  1. I also find that it's hard to keep up with all the projects on my to-do list!

    :) Sarah

  2. thanks for following me. i'm looking forward to getting to know you better via blog. ;) good luck with your to dos! making tutus is so fun, addicting, and super easy. rolled rosettes, too! You can knock those off your list in one nap time. ;)

  3. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. I'm very impressed that you are using the time your DH is away to complete your to-do list - and that your list also includes learning new crafty things! I do have a tip to share with you about tiny socks; having 3 little ones in different sizes forced me to find a simple method! I bought mesh lingerie bags with zipper tops for each child. I then used the bags as laundry bags for their socks; putting them in the bags as soon as they came off their feet. I washed and dried them in the bags (I even had a seperate bag for red and dark pink socks); that way you never have to sort them! As their feet grew I quit using the bags but their feet were enough different in size that I could keep them apart. Recently I have considered getting really large mesh bags to use again as their feet are once again similar in size; it really does simplify the laundry!


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