To-Attempt Craft List

{EDITED 4/14}: AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate technology! I had a fantastic list of like 30 items on my "To-Attempt" list... until I accidentally clicked "Save as Draft" and then went to went to republish I LOST 20 of them. NOW I have to go track down all the fantastic projects that I wanted to do... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Notice it does not say "To-do"... I am quite sure that some of these may fail!

I am new to the whole blogging thing and I am loving this whole following thing. I am following, what... 20 way too many blogs right now, and most of them are crafty. This is AWESOME for me because I am the first to admit that while I think I'm pretty crafty... I am NOT one for coming up with the creative ideas on my own. If I see something that someone has done, I try to figure out how to do it myself. But NOW that I'm following blogs, I am coming across some awesome projects that I'd love to do (in my spare time). So... HERE is where I will keep track:
  1. Fabric Rosette Tutorial - Little Birdie Secrets - completed
  2. Ruffled Rose Headband - Little Birdie Secrets - completed
  3. Tissue Number Birthday Sign - Prudent Baby - completed
  4. i-spy bag - Gluesticks or Craftiness is Not an Option
  5. Onesie Cupcake - Little Birdie Secrets - completed (see here)
  6. Cupcake in a Jar - cakies
  7. Magic Milk Colors - Our Best Bites (moreso a craft with the kids)
  8. Tutu - Completed tutorial here
  9. Silhouetts (maybe) - Cottage Hill
  10. Marshmallow Pops - A Diamond in the Stuff
  11.  ** Restarting my list...
  12.  Ribbon & Pearl Necklace - completed, tutorial here
  13.  Pom poms - Sitting at our kitchen table - completed
  14. taggie blanket
  15. Taggie pacifier clip - Small Fry & Co
  16. Paint/Necklace shirts
  17. Jewelry
  18. Photo tile pendants/key chain
  19. Quatrefoil Wreath (I have to find where this was)
  20. Ribbon wreath
  21. Sculpey Flowers - JengerBread Creations
  22. Fabric Rosette Bookmark - Little Birdie Secrets
  23. Birthday chart - Poppies at Play
  24. Hoodie Towel - Not Just a Housewife - Completed
  25. Personal Picture Clocks
  26. Key Rings - She's {Kinda} crafty
  27. Girlie Felt Mat - A Girl and a Glue Gun

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