Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm super-mom...

... well, at least according to our vet.

Let me back up a bit. I've been to the vet 3 times in the past week (no the animals are ok, it's just time for their annual shots). So, I walked in today and saw one of the girls from the other day behind the counter and she said, "oh hey, it's super-mom", so I smile and nod and say "good morning", and then another girl comes up and says "oh YOU'RE super-mom? Nice to meet you, you sure DO have your hands full". So now I'm famous huh? Nice. I was thinking, this is nothing... my husband was deployed all last year when I was pregnant and this little one and this one was 1 PLUS caring for 2 cats and a dog!

For the first appointment, it was me carrying Jillie in my ergo baby sport (which I LOVE), holding onto Charlotte's hand  -- which, if you know any 2 year olds, is quite a task especially when they see something of interest or decide that RIGHT there, on the concrete, next to dog poop (vet's office, remember) is a GREAT place to sit-- all while carrying a mewing cat in a plastic carrier. You've been there, right?

It was the second appointment that gave me my 'fame'. It was the same scenario with the girls (ergo baby sport, sitting next to poop, etc), but I was also (succesfully) controlling my 95lb laboradoodle, Duke, on his leash. I like to joke that he is my "horse-dog". When I tell people that I have a laboradoodle, they immediately thing of toy poodle, but no.... this is standard poodle. So mix that with a lab, who is also a very excitable boy... and you get this fella:

We were on our way out the door after the appointment and the girl asks if I need help. I tell her no, because, really I'm used to it, and I've got it. So I pick up Charlotte (who was getting ornery at this point) without squashing Jillie in the carrier, grab the leash, open the door and away we go.

On my way home from today's appointment I started smiling thinking back to the "super-mom" conversation. All of a sudden I thought, 'you know what, they're right... I AM super-mom. Thanks for noticing!' It totally made my day, I mean who doesn't like being noticed for all they do!

So on that note, here's to all you "super-mom's" out there who don't hear enough how super they really are!!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

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  1. Who cares who the comment comes from right, lol. Duke is too cute!

    Thanks for stopping by, I am now following you.



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