Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The 'felt flower' craze...

So I fell into the whole 'felt flower' craze. Well, actually... one of my local mommy friends makes bows and **sells them at her etsy shop and she made this adorable felt (I think it was felt) flower bow and put it on a headband. I thought it was so cute... and couldn't stop thinking about it. So of course I wanted to figure out how to make it. So I searched the internet for tutorials and lo and behold I found one - actually, I found quite a few since it is a trend now. I followed the one at Little Birdie Secrets. I LOVE the blog Little Birdie Secrets... they have so many cute projects over there.
 I happened to have black felt left over from making matching halloween applique cat in pumpkin shirts last year for my daughter and I, so went ahead and gave it a shot. 
It turned out pretty good for a first attemp, although next time I won't put it on one of those bendy snap hair clips (no clue what the real name is), the bow was just way too heavy for it. Also, I may make it a tad smaller.

** I understand that since my mommy friend was selling these bows I should have supported her and bought one... but in all honesty, I really can't afford to be spending $9 on a bow that I can make MUCH cheaper. Plus... I was on a bow making kick a year or so ago until Charlotte stopped leaving them in her hair, so I like making bows. Besides, I am supporting her budding Stella and Dot business next week.


  1. How adorable--the flower AND the children.

    I'm a new follower from Fingerprints on the Fridge.

  2. These are so cute! I can't seem to stop making cute hair things for my Girl! Thanks for sharing! I'll be giving you an award on my blog...come check it out!



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