Friday, April 15, 2011

30 day - Recap!

Hubby is due home TONIGHT and I'm SURE all of my faithful followers are waiting with bated breath to hear how I did on my "Loft Goals for the Month" post...

Well here you go:

Project #1: Print out 5 pictures to make month-by-month frame up-to-date - Completed.

Project #2: Get at least another 2 books completed and ready to order - I ordered 2 books and 1 waiting on my Picaboo "bookshelf". - Completed

Project #3: Organize the (kids) sock drawers.
Now let me just show you...
 So I took them ALL out... I almost gave up, threw these away and started from scratch...

After... ta da!

AND for my lonely socks... I stick them in this cute box on top of my daughters jewelry box until it's buddy can be found. (PS - That is NOT my daughter in the picture... I've had that box 6 months and STILL haven't put in a picture... sheesh)

* A fellow blogger, Shalah, suggested I use lingerie bags for washing socks. I actually WAS doing this (although you wouldn't guess it from my pictures) But she used multiple bags. My problem was my bag was always in the was or waiting to be put away when I'd need somewhere to put socks, so I'd just throw them in the hamper... well I got another one! Now I have 2 lingerie bags for my socks. Let's hope I can keep track of them :)

Project #4: Embroidery. Completed: birthdays; showers will be posted once recipients have gotten their gifts.
And here are the ones I completed for a baby shower today:

Project #5: Make a tutu. Completed (actually I made 3)... tutorial here

Project #7: Make a fabric rosette. Completed; apron here

Project #8: I hope to knock off some more of my "to Attempt" list (which, by the way I lost most of... AHHH. Technology is NOT my friend today)
Pom poms
Ribbon & Pearl Necklace
Baby Leggings - not posted yet, but completed

I kind of like making a list for myself... it sort of gives me some accountability. (not that you guys REALLY care... but still).

Now that the hubs is home... I'm going to have less time for crafts (and more quality family/hubby time)... but I think I'm going to put 1-2 crafty items on my list that I have to would really like to complete that month.

Now to decide what to do... oh the pressure! Any suggestions?



  1. Oh well done for getting so much done! Great work on the socks too - not the most fun job in the world!!
    I just stopped by to let you know that I featured your ribbon and pearl necklace on my round tuit post this week!
    Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Oh no - I'm having one of those mornings! The link I left doesn't work! Here's the right one:

  3. stevie -- thanks so much for joining up with the military monday blog hop! hopefully you can make it back next week as well!

    crafting is such an addiction, isn't it?! i'm always in the middle of at least three projects, maybe i should make a list so i can complete them all?



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