Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ribbon & Pearl Necklace

Picture this if you will ... the house is quiet. Both girls are napping. The house is clean livable. I get the sudden urge to do something crafty!

Something that I've been dying to make is a ribbon and pearl necklace; more specifically an orange ribbon and pearl necklace to wear to Clemson Football game days! So off I run to my craft boxes to see what I can find.

I come up with some (craft) pearls and heavy duty thread that I used 2 years ago to make a pearl necklace that I could wear that wouldn't get destroyed by Charlottes grabbing hands during feeding time. I did not find any orange ribbon (boo), but I did come away with some polyester pink sheer-ish 3/8ths in ribbon.

It'll do. Besides, I need practice anyway, right?
I went for one of the zig-zag deals and came up with this:
And for a close up...

Not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty good for my first shot!
And here's me rocking my new necklace. By the way, I'm not gonna lie... that ribbon is REALLY itchy.

Keep an eye out later this week; I've already been to the store and gotten my satin orange ribbon! I'll take pictures and post some sort of tutorial! (Tutorial Here)
#14 Pearl and ribbon necklace on my "to-attempt" list completed! Woo hoo!

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  1. That is too cute. I love it. Thanks for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.

  2. Very cute! I'll be checking back for the tutorial on this one!

  3. Really love the look of this necklace. Maybe silk ribbon would be less scratchy. Think I will make me one. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Oh my gosh!!
    That is so stinking cute!
    I want to make one!!!


  5. This is so pretty! I love making necklaces with ribbon :)

    I'd love for you to link this up to my new link party, Your Whims Wednesday! http://mygirlishwhims.blogspot.com/2011/04/your-whims-wednesday-1.html

  6. So cute! I just became a follower of your blog! :) Erin


  7. Cute baby! How great is it that you want a necklace to cheer on your TEAM! (Visiting from Handy Man, Crafty Woman)

  8. It is really pretty, too bad it is itchy! I have all the things to make one of these, so I really should try. You have given me the incentive to go ahead and do it. Your baby is adorable!

  9. This is really pretty! I am trying to redo a necklace right now, great inspiration!

  10. Looks awesome, great job!!!


  11. How very cute! and it looks adorable on!

  12. Thanks for linking this up to Wicked Awesome Wed!

  13. So cute! I love it, I can't wait to see your satin orange one! Thanks so much for linking up to Try it Tuesday at DotDotDot! I will be featuring this today!
    Have a Happy Monday!

  14. Boo for itchy ribbon! It's such a sweet necklace, though...

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Juice! Can't wait to see what other jewels you have in store soon...

  15. Hi,

    This is a really a simple and beautiful pearl necklace. The process of making this necklace is quite easy. The ribbon used in the necklace can of different color and you can choose you own color according to your outfit. Thanks a lot.

  16. Wow, this is a pretty pearl necklace. It matches your pink shirt perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love this! I agree pearls are classic and every woman should have some. They definitely add a sophisticated touch to any outfit.Thanks for sharing Pearl necklace at Show & Share!

  18. I'm not big on orange, but I still love the idea of this necklace. Looks easy to make too! The fun thing too is you can change up the ribbon color, many go with pearl. Thank you for sharing!

  19. The pearl necklace is so cute. It's a great idea to make such a necklace. Thank you for sharing.


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