Sunday, April 3, 2011

In 7 years...

Don't you love my fancy toothpicks...
they were the first ones I found
 ... I was hoping to eat an avocado from my very own avocado tree that I grew from a seed - I read today that that is how long avocado trees take to become fruitful. Actually, people said somewhere between 5 - 12 years.
You'll notice I said "was hoping" ... it turns out that “Ungrafted” trees (like those grown inside from seeds) rarely produce fruit. In order to have an avocado tree that produces fruit, one must graft the seedling. (Source: Will's Avocados).

Well... there goes that idea. Oh well... it'll be a fun little project for the girls and myself.
I'll keep you posted on how my non-avocado-bearing-avocado-tree is doing.

Speaking of avocados, I gave Jillie some avocado for the first time today... although I couldn't really tell if she liked it or not. She was sort of anti-eating at the time.

Instead of wasting the quite expensive avocado, I decided to freeze the remaining avocado. I did so in slices, not mashed. I read somewhere back when I was making baby food for Charlotte that it freezes and thaws better whole rather than mashed. We will see.
If my avocados fail, I still have some peach pits that have been chilling in the fridge (no pun intended). I'm following some steps here on how to grow peaches.


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