Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silverfish, toilet paper, & coupons

I was at my church's "Mom's Morning" this morning which includes an instructor led workout (which, by the way, kicks my rear... I mean the first time I went I was like, "how hard can it be, it's just a bunch of ladies from church...". Yeah. Right!) and a speaker or short video lesson. Today, we happened to have a local member of our church/crazy good couponeer... couponer... whatever, girl who gets a LOT for a LITTLE by using coupons.

She gave us a quick spiel about her couponing habbits (which are in a PDF book that she wrote - More information at Gotta Love Coupons) and that was all fine and dandy but the one thing that stuck out at me was about where to store all your extra toilet paper and paper towel.

She asked the group where everyone stores their toilet paper, and I'm about to say "garage" when everyone else says linen closet and she's nodding her head like that's the correct answer... so I keep my mouth shut. Apparently, if we store those paper products in the garage then we run the risk of getting silverfish (gross little buggers aren't they?). Silverfish like to eat paper and are attracted to the glue that holds the paper to the roll. Personally, I don't want to run the risk of having any silverfish down.. er... there. That just gives me the heebi jeebies.

So the second I get home I am freaking out and trying to reorganize EVERYTHING and bring all my paper products inside (I just went to Sams the other day, so I have a small stock pile). The annoying thing was that I was super excited at how my garage organizing was going (to be pictured in a later post). So now I moved my canned goods, extra juices, and other non-boxed non-perishables outside and moved the paper products inside. The upside to this was that I cleaned out my pantry of all my expired stuff! Sweet. Go Spring Cleaning :)

Did you guys know that about the silverfish? I did a google search on "silverfish", "toilet paper", and "garage" and didn't really come up with anything.  BUT I'm still kinda freaked out.

Oooh, I learned something else today from Miss. Coupon lady. Did you know that stores make out BETTER when we customers use coupons? They make 7 cents to the dollar (or was it 8... I was paying attention, really I was). Very interesting. Now I know why all the checkout people ask me if I have any coupons...

Speaking of coupons -- I ran to Publix today and did ok, not my best. I bought $81.89 and saved $42.25 between coupons and Special Price Savings (BOGOS). I'm working my way up to $200 worth of groceries for $2.00. We'll see :)
Happy Tuesday!


  1. That is CRAZY about silverfish.... I have the heebeegeebees just reading that. Oh and apparently I have NO IDEA how to spell heebeegeebees. haha. Thanks for the visit and follow... I am now a new follower. Hope your having wonderful and BUG-FREE week. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I've seen a few of these bugs recently in my house. They freak me out.. if only I had a linen closet..


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