Thursday, April 14, 2011

I LOVE Consignment :)

I really hate to pay full price for anything (although it IS nice to get some nice brand spankin' new clothes every so often); but for the girls... Kids outgrow clothes in 3 months (give or take)... these clothes don't REALLY get worn out right? Unless you count ... accidents, but if they're that bad I usually toss the item of clothing.

But back to my point... today I worked my volunteer shift at my Junior League's Consignment store. I planned this REALLY well because today was ALSO the 75% off Customer appreciation sale! Score! As I walked around the store, helping customers, and tiding up... I also picked myself up some steals!
I am happy to say that for $7.26 I walked out with the following:
Stuffed Bunny (for Easter basket)
Carrot Ornaments ( for my small Easter tree... I saw these in Joann for like $5, or something)
A-Z bookends
3 casual shirts
2 dresses
* THIS one was brand new, with tags still on it!
{Edited} Infant sunglasses (these fell out in the car and I forgot about them)

Plus, I got a cross/flag pin - you can never have too many flag pins, right? Especially being an army wife.

Then, for an added bonus, I was talking to and helping out this one lady who was buying a LOT! When she got up to the register, she had a piano keyboard! After the 75% off she was going to get home with it for $2.50. Not bad huh? She told me she figured she'd get it for her 6 month old... I told her I had a 6 month old too, and a 2 year old and that was a GREAT idea! I was secretly jealous that I hadn't seen it and set it aside myself. But oh well. As I help her to her car she says, 'here... you have it. I already have a big one at home and your 2 year old would get more out of it than my son would'. I of course said, oh no... I couldn't. But after some pushing I finally gave in... so I also made it home with...

Pretty good day, huh?



  1. What an awesome deal!

  2. William already has a closet full of boys clothes & stuff in his drawers thanks to friends sharing old clothes with us and all sorts of items from the boys my mom takes care of. Plus, friends have been sending us boy clothes too. I think consignment/clothes swaps/hand-me-downs can be great!

  3. It was a great day at the Scot Shop!! I spent $12 and walked out of the store with a brand new pair of Marc Jacobs 4-inch heels and 3 pairs of capris. I love the seersuckers you helped me pick out! It was great catching up with you while volunteering. =) Had a good time! ~diane

  4. Love Consignment! I went to my first sale a few weeks ago and we totally scored!!


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