Monday, October 15, 2012

{Pinned there, Done That} [ish] Wear ALL clothes, not just favorites

So the other day I was putzing around on pinterest (of course!) finding ideas and dreams for our new house and I came across this post 52 Totally Feasible Ways to Organize your Entire Home so I pinned it! Not necessarily for the new house... but who doesn't need "totally feasible ways to organize [their] entire home"?! Right? It's mainly for this too-small house that we kind of outgrew 1 kid ago that we have been stuck in!

See we have been trying to move into a new house for.. oh... 10 months now. We have had an offer on this one house since January. Don't get my wrong, we've looked for other houses, but this is a short sale and it's a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, plus bonus room, 2 story house, with screened in pool plus large back yard, in a gated community with 2 playgrounds IN the gates. Plus, a high rated elementary school is right outside the gate. I mean, really?! So anyway... we have held onto this through liens (yes... multiple), loan issues, and all sorts of crud.

Anyway, back to this list... quite a few are really good ideas! But my favorite, that I have (somewhat) already put into practice, is:

15. Turn Your Hangers to Find Out What You Really Wear


 Brilliant, really! I actually put it into practice for my kids closets, not necessarily to see what is still backwards by the end of the year (they grow out of it too quick) but to make sure we are using all the clothes in the closet. 

My daughter tends to stick to a few favorites... which is fine, but she wears her princess or Hello Kitty shirt like 4 times to some other shirt's 1... or none. My daughter has quite a bit of clothes; between freecycle, consignment, and my mother-in-law, she is not in need of clothes. But some stuff she hasn't worn and I want to either wear it, or get rid of it if I got it for free and decide it's not my... um.. her... style! 

I've been only doing it for just over a week... but I kind of like knowing what she hasn't worn in a while so I can try to suggest those outfits. Her closet is separated my clothing type so we have some backwards and forwards in each section. Here's what we've got so far...

dresses (left) and skirts (right)

Outfits (Far left, not really pictured) and tops (right)

Once I am no longer pregnant, I think I'll give this a shot with my own closet :) It would help me (a) diversify my wardrobe and (b) purge my closet.


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  1. Stevie--
    I do this every time I purge my closet. But not with everything--just with the stuff that I'm unsure about getting rid of. Then in 4 or 5 months if it's still backwards I know that yes I can go ahead and donate it. Works like a charm!



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