Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby weight.... It. Is. On!

Woo hoo! I have gotten the OK from the doctor to head back to the gym AND Lizzie is 6+ weeks (6 weeks is the youngest they will watch babies at the kid-zone at the Y).

Yesterday was my first workout post-baby because Charlotte was at the Y for ballet class. Mom and dad are visiting so Lizzie didn't actually go into the kid-zone but that's beside the point.

How cute?!
I took it easy just 10 minutes running and 7 minutes on the stepper... and then I went to watch Charlotte's ballet class.

Here are the stats...
Weight - 7 weeks post baby: 143 lbs
Goal: 130 (MAY be a tad optimistic since I haven't been 130 since my wedding, lol... but I can dream can't I)

I'm motivated... baby weight, IT. IS. ON!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

New House :: Making decisions

I can not make a decision to save my life!

Hubby is out of town for 3 weeks (yes we just closed on a house AND I have a newborn as well as the two older girls, great timing hunny) and my mother-in-law and I are starting to fix up the house.

The house really was move-in ready, but we wanted to put down some new flooring and paint all the rooms AND take down the popcorn before we moved in. So since hubby is out of town, and we don't want to be set back 3 weeks, we have started!

However, like I said, decision making is not my forte and we have painters coming on Tuesday and I have to decide on colors for 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and the bonus room/hallway/downstairs (it's all connected) by then!

Also, I have to choose new flooring; we are going with wood-laminate because of our 100lb dog and the backyard pool. I wasn't aware of this, but actual wood flooring will swell if liquid sets on it too long. Not good with a backdoor that opens onto the pool patio. Also, the 100lb dog would destroy the wood within a month. So ok, we decided on wood-laminate... but the color? Ah!!

This entire week I've been entertaining (and dealing with) contractors at the house; flooring, drywall guy, A/C companies, yard guys... luckily the girls LOVE running around the empty house.

Too many decisions. Clearly I'm not made out for this house fixing up stuff.

Thankfully my mom got to town on Thursday so I have a little help over here.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

We bought a house... FINALLY!

I've mentioned a few times here in blog-land (here, here... I'm sure there's more) that we have been trying to buy a new house...

Well after 12 months (no, I'm serious)... we FINALLY CLOSED!

We put an offer on this house on December 30, 2011 (and closed January 11 , 2013). We actually kept looking and coming back to this house.. so no, we weren't twiddling our thumbs for a whole year. It was a short sale (a REALLY REALLY LONG short sale) complete with tax liens, HOA liens, and various other issues.

But that is all over because it. is. ours!

And hubby even carried me over the threshold!
PS - this house has like the BIGGEST yard in the neighborhood... no joke! All these new houses are built on top of each other. This yard is one of the reasons we kept coming back to this house.

Yay! Now begins the moving process...

Friday, January 11, 2013

1 month already?!

It's funny, when you have your first child, your life revolves around them and you change your schedule to suit theirs. "Oh no, we have to be at xxx time, it's nap time" or "it's lunch time". BUT when you add more kids to the mix, they just have to fit right in. Sure, it may be nap time for baby, but it's also time to pick big sis up from school OR drive her to ballet OR it's the absolute only time to get to the grocery. That's what the snap n go's are for anyway, right?  I swear, Jillie lived (and mainly napped) in my Ergo baby carrier (which is awesome by the way).

That all being said, I can not believe Lizzie is a month old already!! I ask myself where the time went... but I know exactly; the holidays. She was born, then 10 days later we drove up to Georgia and had Christmas, then drove home, then it was New Years, and now we are trying to get a routine going.
Speaking of "fitting right in" to the schedule, at 1 month Lizzie has already:
- been to her first ballet practice AND recital
- been to TWO birthday parties
- celebrated TWO holidays; Christmas and New Years
- been on a 9 hour road trip and visited another state
- visited the park 5 times
- "played" at the mall (ok, so I use "played" a bit roughly)
Not to mention all the grocery, walmart, target...

She's doing pretty well and the girls LOVE "their little sissy" so much. She's beginning to be more alert and awake just in the past few days which is awesome; however her being awake around 7 is interfering with dinner making (we're going to have a little talk... lol).

Her night time sleeping is hit or miss, but last night she DID sleep from 11ish to 5:30am -- Go Lizzie!

1 week
2 weeks

3 weeks
 4 weeks

Plans for month 2 include some of the same PLUS Junior League meetings, Busch Gardens and Disney World, AND move into our NEW HOUSE!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions ::. Review

Have you heard of Influenster? It's a website I am signed up for an based on my interests and stage of life (college student, mom, athlete) I may be chosed to try out new products. It's really neat; check it out here and if it interests you let me know by email and I'll send you an invite (if I have any left).

Anyway, I got a new influenster package in the mail yesterday.

ok... boring picture
I knew I had a "special complimentary shipment from Influenster featuring a new premium dish soap" (according to an email I received the other day) so I was super excited to open it (yes, I know it's a cleaning product, but it's still fun!) As I opened it I was completed surprised by the size of these bottles... even through the packaging material; definitely not "Sample" sized.

Upon further review, I see that these new Palmolive Fresh Infusions bottles are full sized at 16oz each (larger than the current bottle that is sitting by my sink) and way more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The three scents that I received are Lemon Thyme (yellow), Lime Basil (green), and Ginger White Tea (pink). So far my favorite is the Ginger White Tea, but the Lemon Thyme runs a close second (I love the smell of lemon in the kitchen).

So far I'm super impressed with this product, both with the new bottle and the creative scent combinations. Way to go Palmolive!

Next up... let's see how this soap cleans!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan #53

Phew! I think I am sort of getting back in to the swing of things from having baby #3, followed by traveling to Georgia a week later for Christmas... followed by New Years Eve a week later! I can't believe that I have a 4 week old (as of tomorrow).

Anyway, I have finally put together a meal plan! I hope you get some inspiration.

Mushroom Chicken Bake

Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Eye of Round Roast

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

Asparagus Stuffed Pork Tenderloin (sale)

mmm, not sure if hubby will be home for dinner. If not, it's breakfast for dinner!! if so, I'll have to come up with a plan :)


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