Monday, August 22, 2011

School Bag Tags

A few weeks ago my brother sent me a diaper bag to embroider. Now... I am the first to tell you (and everyone) that I am a novice! Well, he sent me a really nice diaper bag that I would have to tear out a seam and embroider between layers.... and to be perfectly honest I was nervous about ruining the bag.

PLUS, they wanted to put their daughters name on the bag for a daycare she was going to; but what are they going to do with a diaper bag with the name Brynnleigh on it when baby #2 comes along... but that's another story.

So I convinced them to let me make some of these tags because they looked like something I could do and I figured I could get everything at Joann or something. Also, I figured that I could embroider her name no them and if it worked out I would have little gifts for EVERYONE! Unfortunately, neither Joann nor Ace Hardware carry them, so I'd have to order them online, which was fine. But, Joann didn't really have any pretty colors of webbing. I was limited to white, black, and beige or something. So I decided to put that project on hold until I can come up with all the supplies that I want...
So in the interim (and since daycare is starting soon), I made my brother and sister-in-law these tags in photoshop and laminated them.

I also found these DIY tag printables at Anders Ruff and printed them out in case they didn't like my tags.

I'm pretty pleased with them.
I'll let you know if I ever get around to those key fob tags!

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  1. I think the laminated tags are a perfect solution. They are uber cute and will hold up for while.

  2. Those are adorable. I love the one with her picture on it!

  3. Also, I'm a new follower. Joining from the Tuesday hop.

  4. I love these! Going to have to copy this idea! Visiting and following via I <3 Blogging Hop...hop over to my blog and follow back if you like...I am doing a 400 GFC follower monogram giveaway!


  5. Those are adorable! They are so lucky to have you to make these cute tags for them.

    I am a new follower from the Friday Blog Hop. If you would like to come say hi, I'd love to see you at

    Thanks! Vicky


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