Friday, August 5, 2011

The Luau Party: Other Decor

... kind of speaks for itself; "C'mon I wanna lei ya!". A basket full of leis, a dollar store pig centerpiece, shells, a few lanterns and then I made a cute sign and put it in a frame.

 Add to it a grass skirt and a dollar store sign and we're in business.

 Welcome to the party!

Bathroom Sign
At any party, of course you want people to know where your bathrooms are, right? We had 2 accessible to party guest one from the inside and one from the backyard, so of course I had to create a pretty sign. I looked up in a few places how to say "bathroom" in Hawaiian. Here, here, and here all said that bathroom was "Lua". So that's what I used.
When one of my girlfriends comes to the party (whose family happens to live in Hawaii), she informed me that she thought it wasn't "Lua", but it was something else, probably "Lumi 'au 'au " (which the 3rd link said was an option). Oh well... I tried! No one else knew, right?

I found the lei border online and... er... tweaked it... then printed it out in word and laminated it.
Voila. Bathroom sign.

Food Marker Tags
I like having tag that tell people what they are munching on at a party so back to the trusty computer I went.
I did a search on word templates for tags and whatnot but didn't find much. I DID find a "Christmas in July" label which is super cute, so I filed that away for later. I also found one food tag, but it wasn't the fold over/tent that I wanted so back to the drawing board.
I ended up opening a return label document with 3 columns. The width of each row was a little to narrow for my taste so I changed each row to about 1.5" and then put my lei border graphic in every other row. Printed out, it looks like the following:
Then I used my paper cutter to separate the rows.
Then I cut them in between each label and folded them to make the tents.

I was going to print what the food was on the label, but since I had friends bringing food I decided to just write it in my hand.

The rest of the decorations
I picked up at the dollar store or at Joanne Fabric when they were having 70% off their summer decor. You can't go wrong with cheap tacky luau decor!
However my FAVORITE part of my decorations was the scene door hanger! I plan to use this every year and put a card with the year on it so we know when it was taken!

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  1. I like the colors you chose. The door decoration looks like a hoot! Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!


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