Monday, August 8, 2011

Pizza Night #11: Portobello Pizza (Take 2)

For this weeks pizza night we decided to one-up one of our favorite pizzas so far! We tried the Portobello Pizza again with a few minor tweaks.

If you'll remember, we thought that the pizza had a bit too much liquid pooled on top of the pizza which we determined was probably from the mushrooms or the tomatoes. SOOOO this time I cooked the mushrooms a little more to try to get rid of ALL the excess liquid. I also removed the juicy seeds from the tomatoes when I diced them. It seemed to work, but even though there was still some liquid on top the pizza did not get soggy at ALL because...

(tweak #2) ... we took Jessica, from Cajunlicious | All things Cajun,'s pizza dough tip of brushing the dough with an oh-so-yummy butter mixture and baking it for a few minutes before adding the toppings. And let me tell you, the smell wafting about our kitchen as the dough was baking for that few minutes was heavenly.

We used a whole grain dough this time, and to be perfectly honest.... it doesn't hold a candle to the original dough... but it was STILL a great pizza!

And still one of our favorites so far.
Pizza Night #11 - Yummy!
Movie: Harry Potter (yeah, my 2 year old now requests Harry Potter)

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