Monday, August 15, 2011

Clever Bachelorette Gift {needed}

Hey everyone! I NEED YOUR HELP!
One of my best high school girlfriends is getting married this year and I unfortunately can not make it up to Jersey for the bachelorette party weekend. I want to send a clever gift; this is where you come in.

Does ANYONE have any awesome, fun, clever, racy, etc bachelorette gift ideas (that they would be willing to share)?!

I have done some research online and a few have stood out to me:
1. Wine gift basket - give a few bottles of wine and have cute tags on them thay say, "after your first fight as a married couple", "1st anniversary", etc.
This is SUPER cute!! Although difficult to do from afar.... and I think I'm going to do it for the wedding since I'll be up there early enough to get it done.
2. member - Give this gag gift with a note that says "Since you are now married, you should never be without your husband". Funny :) But I would want it to be returnable so she can maybe get something she WILL use like lotions or oils (.... unless she actually decides to make this... but anyway).

The BEST one BY FAR.... was used at my OTHER best high school girlfriends bachelorette party...
3. Get a pretty vase, container, etc and buy a dozen underwear, each with a tag on it saying "for your wedding night", (a pair of pink and blue panties) "for when you start trying", ... etc... up until a pair of the largest granny panties you can find with a note saying something like "when your old and gray these will be the only underpants you should be wearing"... or something.

BUT... THIS bachelorette was there.... so I can't use it.

SO.... do any of YOU have any ideas?!?! Please please please!



  1. Hi there. Txs for checking out my blog. I don't think you are actually following me thru google connect. I don't see you on my friends. Do you mind checking. Much appreciated. I am now following you:)

  2. I love the vase and underwear idea! Its pretty clever!


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