Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AWESOME Wedding Gift {A Week in the Kitchen}!

Yes, this is an AWESOME wedding gift (if I do say so myself), and no... not just because mom and I thought it up.

So I couldn't go to one of my best high school girlfriend, E, 's bridal shower, but I wanted to send her something that wasn't just a "pick such and such off the registry and send it" sort of thing. THIS is what we came up with; which is PERFECT since I LOVE to cook.

A Week in the Kitchen
with the [your last name]'s
This label look familiar? I edited this one.
Step 1: I went through E's registry and picked out 7 items and then 7 recipes that went with each item! I would have done 2 recipes per item, but... I was a little late in getting started.

Step 2: Make a label for each item printed on cardstock saying something cute like,
Sunday - TONGS - You have to eat wings while watching football. Try out these tongs while cooking 'Pat Neeley's Spicy Peach Hotwings'.

Thursday - MICROPLANE - Thirsty Thursday anyone? You better load up on carbs before going out! This microplane is perfect for lemon zest in  Lemon Chicken & Shrimp

Friday -  DIP SPREADERS - You made it! It's time to party! Be a nice guest and bring over a dip to share. Spicy Beef Dip

Step 3: Punch a hole in cards and tie to kitchen utensil.

Click to englarge
Step 4: Find a super cute recipe card design (thank you Tie that Binds Blog for the printable ** I borrowed design and made my cards in photoshop)

Click to enlarge
Step 5: Put together in a pretty basket or something. OR if you are mailing it like I did... wrap them all up in paper and hope it comes out on the other side looking good!

PS - E and fiance LOVED the gift!


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  1. This is such a great idea. I still remember some of the gifts we got that you could tell someone put more effort into. I'm always trying to think outside the box when it comes to wedding & shower gifts. I'll definitely keep this in mind for the next wedding.

    katy @ redBuddy notes

  2. Fun and thoughtful idea. Thanks for sharing! - Jess at OlyMomma

  3. That's a really cute idea. It puts a whole lot of purpose behind a bunch of random gifts.:) Thanks for sharing.:) I'm a new follower from Round tuit.:)

  4. What a great present. Did you include your wedding grits?


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