Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Craigslist JUST got easier!!!

You guys are probably aware of my love for craigslist, freecycle, and consignment... so it should be no surprise how STOKED I am about my latest Craigslist find.

No, I don't mean I found something else for awesomely cheap on craigslist... I found a website that will do the searching for you and then send you an alert when someone posts what you are looking for.

Genius right?! Heck, I was thinking that if I had more time I would write my own craigslist crawler; it would help me keep up my programming skills! BUT, alas... Ted and John of List-Alert.com beat me to the punch (thanks guys, I'm not sure when I would have found the time!)
I am currently looking for a few things on craigslist: 3T girls clothes, Fisher Price Laugh & Learn House, and a teeter totter. So I went ahead and set myself up an alert for each. The "Make a new alert" page has all of the fields that craigslist does (except prettier); search terms, for sale, category, state, city, and price range. So I entered my desired search terms and once my search returned, I was given the option to enter an email address and set myself up an alert (so I did!).

Craigslist is searched on the hour or so and then an alert will get emailed that looks something like:
1 new post found for "girl 3T" (Category "(All For Sale)", Region "************")
This will be followed by a link to open that search in list-alert.com.
Of course, I have an email address specifically for craigslist stuff (I have my own domain, so I have TONS of email addresses), so now I just get to sit back and wait for my craigslist finds to come to me!!

Happy Craigslisting!

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  1. Almost all my furniture was found on Craigslist so this sounds wonderful! Thank you for letting us know.


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