Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pizza Night #9 - MAJOR fail!

Sorry this post is about a month late... I never got around to posting it before all of our trips. Actually, I debated NOT posting since it was a complete and utter failure, AND a waste of good toppings, but what the heck...

I consider myself a pretty darn good cook (according to the 'about me' to the right), but apparently, homemade pizza dough eludes me.

I wanted to do a meat lovers pizza... AND make my own dough. So I got meatball, crumbled sausage, and pepperoni, yummy jarred pizza sauce, and cheese. Time for the pizza dough; so I open my trusty Joy of Cooking and pizza a simple pizza dough recipe.

I THOUGHT I followed it to a T, I guess not. I ended up with a gooey sticky mess.

But not sure how pizza dough looks before it rises... I decide to let it rise... It DID double at least. 

But when we tried to work with it... it was like slimy goop. We added more and More flour to FINALLY make it manageable

and hubby did some magic to make it look like pizza.

We were still hopeful, so we went ahead and had fun putting on the toppings.

It even looked edible.

BUT this is where it ended up.

It literally tasted like cardboard. Sheesh.... back to grocery store fresh pizza dough for us!

Pizza Night #9: MAJOR FAIL


  1. Awww, I'm sorry your homemade pizza dough didn't turn out so well. If it makes you feel any better, this is about how it goes for me every time I try my hand at making my own dough! I don't know what it is, but pizza dough definitely doesn't like me. Hopefully the next one will come out better! :)

  2. I like how Charlotte cooks in her sunglasses!


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