Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fabric Rosettes and more :)

In honor of the 1st day of Spring, I spent a few hours cleaning the pool, adding chlorine, and changing filters - the good thing about living in Florida is that I will be getting in the pool in a few weeks! I'm so excited to get Jillie swimming floating and to see how Charlotte is in the water this year.

Well, I made my fabric rosettes following the tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets, and they really are easy!
I started with some fabric I had laying around and some fabric glue:
Click to enlarge

Here was my first one, not bad huh?
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But I didn't stop there...

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THEN I looked around my craft boxes and found some craft pearls from a necklace that I made a year ago or so and decided that they'd be the perfect addition to my rosettes.
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Now, I just have to decide what to do with these. Should I make a headband, a necklace (this one is SUPER cute), a single bow? I do have an idea in mind for when I complete my tutu... we'll see.

So I can now cross #1 off my "To-attempt" list. Woo hoo!!
This also means I can cross off Project #6: Make a fabric rosette for my month goals .

While I was sitting and watching Aladdin with the girls, I also made some pom-poms (inspired by Sitting at our Kitchen Table). Still don't know what I'm going to use them for, but Charlotte liked playing with them.

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(#16 on my "To-Attempt" list is done!)

ALSO, I've been working on my photobooks through They currently have a deal going on that if you enter a new email address, you get a free 8.5x11 Custom cover photo book (Thanks Jessie)! I was all over that... until I realized that it was the "custom cover", not the black leather like all mine are so far (and remember, I like mine to match). Bleh.
I still may enter a new email address and get a book... I think I'll make one for myself and my parents on our trip to England 5 years ago. I'm the one who took most of the pictures, and I think they'd like that.

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  1. So cute! I love fabric flowers! Woot Woot! Makin progress on your to do list!

  2. Great job. I love making rosettes!

  3. Hi! I found you on Making the World Cuter's hop and am now following. Love your rosettes, and I'm looking forward to reading more. :)

  4. Hi Stevie~

    Thanks bunches for linking your super cute rosettes to my blog bash K.I.S.S, I so appreciate you linking up each week. You are featured as my New Neighbor on the Blog, please drop by and see...

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  5. I love rosettes! There are so many uses for them! Thanks so much for linking these up to Try it Tuesday! You rock!


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