Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Nursery

Before I get started on the nursery decor... I would like to share with you a funny story; well, this isn't funny to my husband, but it sure is to me.

6 (or so) years ago my husband bought the house we are currently living in (actually, he purchased the house AND my engagement ring in the same week.. PHEW, but I digress). He bought it from a family that had 2 boys, so the rooms were very boyish... a young boyish. The "nursery" had white pant on 2 walls, a vertical red and royal blue paper on the other two walls, and a sports themed border running along 3 walls (yeah... don't ask me). So of course that had to go. This was before we were planning kids, but we knew that when we did have them, this room would be the nursery because it was smaller than our other spare bedroom. That being said, my husband decided to paint this room baby blue because he just knew we were going to have a boy....

The blue "nursery"
PS - Look at that nasty base board! blech.
Well if you have been following this blog at all... you will know that we did NOT get our boy... we have been blessed with 2 girls so far! Guess what color the room is now.

Yup! Pink :)
So anyway, my dad was in town for that weekend so we all got to work on the nursery because that's what dad does... projects! He's not happy unless he's building or fixing something, or redoing something that he knows he can do better; he's so handy!
After the painting came the wainscoting (which is a lot easier than I though it was going to be), and new frames around the door and closets and base boards.

Pretty wainscoting
We went to work for the final few weeks until Charlotte made her debut and here is what we did:
Click to enlarge
I hate, absolutely HATE the window shape (see above picture); something about it just bugs me. It's too low to leave the half moon open (passer-byers could see in from the street), so when it came to window treatments, I decided to hide it completely and pretend that half moon isn't even there! We hung the curtains from PBK on a walmart curtain rod just above the arc of the window; the sheers, also PBK, were hung on simple metal curtain rod inside the walmart curtain rod. Voila... normal window!

I had one of my mothers friends make a cushion and neck cushion for my rocking chair and we covered the foot stool with the same fabric as the chair. I WISH we had a before shot of this foot stool because it was NASTY! My mother-in-law had it in the back of her garage and it was a worn out wooden thing with a red velvet cushion filled with horsehair. Blech!
Doesn't the foot stool look like it was made to match the rocking chair?

Click to enlarge
My favorite part of the nursery would have to be the dresser and shelving unit next to it. Mom and dad found this dresser at the goodwill by them and had the foresight to see what it could be (I don't have that ability, I see things how they are). So when they got this, it was junky looking brown wooden piece with brass hanging drawer pulls. Talk about BORING! So dad, being the handy man that he is, and mom doing the painstakingly slow art of painting, repainting, and re-repainting this baby to a shine, got to work. Dad added the decorative border around each drawer, bought some adorable new knobs, and built the removable changing table on top. Oh, and just for fun, he built the unit to the left with the drawer and 2 shelves. How awesome is my dad? We used wicker baskets from PBK to finish it off.
Click to enlarge
The last thing to mention is that dad built those awesome shelves out of crown molding. (pictured below and in picture of changing table dresser)

So instead of a baby-boy-blue nursery, our entire house is PINK! I kind of think he jinxed himself, what about you?

PS - I'm excited, I hit 50 followers :) Woo hoo! Thanks for hanging around.


  1. Your nursery is so sweet! It oozes girlyness!

  2. I remember that hockey border. Gosh, it was awful when you moved in!

  3. Your nursery is really beautiful. I'm all about the pink for a baby girl. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at www.diybydesign.blogspot.com. Thanks so much.

  4. So pretty. Your poor husband, haha.

  5. I love the nursery! I come from a family of all girls and I keep joking that I am going to have all boys. I found you through I love blogging hop but I am actually thrilled I clicked on your button! I hope you check out my blog, I am gonna go read more about the Moore's HAHA (like you have not heard that before) I look forward to getting to know you!


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