Monday, December 31, 2012

Fun new Christmas (or NYE) tradition!

So my brother surprised the family with the following as a fun new Christmas tradition this year... but I think it would be a great NYE tradition as well!

On Christmas eve after dinner, he brought out a box of Floating Sky Lanterns and half a dozen permanent markers and presented each couple with their own lantern (the kids all shared one as well). We were given the instruction to write down our wishes/hopes/goals for the upcoming year on them.

Uncle Andy helping the girls with their list
 The kids list included a trip to Disney, the beach, visiting cousins, Busch Gardens, and other fun excursions. The couples' lists had some more "grown up" hopes and dreams on them. The first item on our list was a NEW HOUSE! PS... we have had an offer on this one house for A WHOLE YEAR. Granted we have looked at other houses in the meanwhile, this house seems to have come full circle so we are hoping with everything we have that this house goes through... and soon! Hubby wanted some more solid expansion plans for his business, and I just wanted to have more date nights and family date events.

Once all the lists were completed, we headed down to the dock to light them off.

How it works is you swing the lantern around (carefully) to get a little bit of air in it and then you light the wick at the bottom and wait until it inflates.

Once you begin to feel the lantern "pull" then you are ready to let it fly and you just let go.

It was a really neat and fun family thing to do!


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  1. Go Andy! And Erik for taking the pictures (I think). We did these at my cousins wedding for the family members who had passed.


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