Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Product Review :: KidCo Bath Storage Basket

There is thrifty... and there is downright cheap. I fear I am the latter.

I have been meaning to get a basket that goes across the tub for the bath toys for like... a year. But I am so cheap that I HATE to pay shipping, and because of that... I went a year without getting this product. Which is really stupid if you think about it; if you think you need the product, and you have to have it shipped... just do it. I had one when I grew up and we used to spend hours playing in the tub, ahh fond memories, and I wanted one for my girls.

Target has it - but it's "online only".
I actually registered for it when I had Jillie's baby shower, but I didn't get it (Darn!).
Bed Bath and Beyond carries is... but not within 50 miles of me.

So FINALLY, after night after night of leaving toys on the floor of the bath tub or bending down and picking up the toys and putting them in the hanging bag that is up on the shower head (those suction cups just do NOT stick to my tile)... I gave in.

I found the bath storage basket on Amazon for a few dollars cheaper than Target and BBB (woo hoo!) and broke down and bought it. It arrived the otherday (surprisingly quick), and we put it to the test.

The girls LOVED it! Although, Jillie was more fond of chewing on it than anything else. The problem is she is a little too short and I don't have grippies on the tub, so as she is try to pull on the rack to chew on it, her behind slips and she is stuck holding onto the rack for dear life with her legs flailing underneath. I hate to laugh, but it's kind of funny.

KidCo Bath Storage Basket gets an A in my book.

PS - You'll notice the water is green. We still use the color bath dropz (and the Sesame Street ones) every other day or so. It's a game, when I say "Bath time!", Charlotte puts in her request for color and starts shouting out colors, "yellow, blue, purple, blue, red, yellow, green..."



  1. Bahaha. I read this and laughed too at thought of your little munchkin butt hanging on for dear life. LOL. Aren't kids great. Yes, I'm a self-confessed cheapy too. It's exhausting, isn't it? I found you via Bee Friendly. My blog is Thanks for sharing this story. Gave me a good chuckle.

  2. appealing backed in a matching basket


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