Monday, February 27, 2012

{Following MooreBabies} plus Weekly Meal Plan #19

Google friend connect is going away, blah blibity blah blah; yeah, we get it. BUT... for the 411... read this.

While I AM on blogger, I wanted to let you know all the fantastic ways you can still follow this blog without google friend connect.

First we have Facebook; all posts and tweets are shared here:

Next, of course, is Twitter. All posts are shared here, plus comments on daily dinner menus, and random thoughts... not to mention links to the various giveaways that I enter.

Up next is RSS feed; which is my favorite because I can still go through my google reader which I have become quite accustomed to. (click the orange RSS button to open up my RSS subscribe page)

Pinterest, while not a place to follow my blog posts themselves still deserves a mention.
Follow Me on Pinterest

AND lastly, I jumped on the Linky bandwagon (I'm such a follower aren't I, heehee)...

ONTO the meal plan... Ok, so this week is a cheat for me because we are going to...
 Tuesday evening through Friday!

By the way, the girls are SOOOO wearing the Minnie ears I made for Charlotte's 2nd Birthday party.

It's going to be hubby, myself, the girls, and Mimi; Grandpa was supposed to be joining us on the girls first-ever Disney trip, but he will be watching over us from Heaven instead.

Charlotte is super excited about seeing "where Mickey lives"!

That being said this weeks dinners are as follows:

SUNDAY was...
Corned Beef, Potatoes, Cabbage, and Carrots

Soup and Salad




... recovering from DISNEY WORLD

mmm... maybe Pizza Night!

Last weeks recap:
Florentine Chicken Soup

Chicken Boursin Bundles with green beans

Salmon with a Honey-Mustard Glaze

Red Beans and Rice


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