Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How does one run out of gas...

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... is what I USED to ask myself all the time. I mean, really, you have half a tank, a quarter of a tank, then the light goes on and... what do you know, there's a gas station. Go get gas.

Well, I wrote the word "used" for a reason... it finally happened (about 3 hours ago).

I ran out of gas!

Let me set the stage for you.
Yesterday (um... yes... yesterday) my light goes on on the way home from the gym, BUT I need to run to the post office real quick before getting Charlotte. I'll get gas later.

On the way home from getting Charlotte, the kids are rather... um... unhappy. So, I'll just get gas later.

Today, on the way to drop Charlotte off as school (for her school birthday party), I notice the light again. Crap. We're going to be late. Later.

On the way home I realize I forgot my phone and hubby is going to call me when he's going to pick up Jillie so I can go and see Charlotte's birthday party in school. So I run home.

After sitting at home for an hour waiting for hubby or mother-in-law, my mother-in-law finally comes. I need to get the cake, ahh... so off to the store I go.... but.. oh ... wait...

My. car. stops. accelerating.

My. car. stops. dead.
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In swoops my mother-in-law to save the day. We switch cars and Jillie and I run to pick up the cookie cake and come back to meet my mother-in-law. Then AAA comes, gives me a gallon of gas (apparently we can use this "I ran out of gas" 4 times a year for free... NOT that I plan on doing it EVER EVER EVER again), we push the car a few times to get it off the little bank we were on.... and off to the gas station I go.

I'm still quite flustered when I get to Charlotte classroom (in plenty of time) to observe them play and have her school BIRTHDAY PARTY!
School Birthday Party

Needless to say.... Lesson Learned.
I think I absolutely needed to learn this lesson because we are always within like 2 miles of a gas station and I tend to "push" my car further than it can go.

I now have opened myself up to my family (and probably friends) to never ending ridicule.

Last thing hubby just said on the phone... "hey babe... do you need to go get some gas?".
Yeah.... very funny.



  1. I am always "testing" my gas tank and maybe will learn from your lesson :) Cute pic of Charlotte!

  2. I did that once, because I used to do the same thing - put it off and put it off because it was never a good time to stop to get gas. But you're right, you'l probably never do it again! Now I'm super paraniod whenever I get CLOSE to a quarter tank. Of course that stress is almost worse than running out of gas now and then... oh no wait, no it isn't. :)
    I'm your newest follower, here from the Mingle With Us hop!

  3. New follower from the hop!

    I love the pics you have displayed!

    Thanks for stopping by keeping up with kristi!

  4. Unfortunately I know what you are talking about.
    I am way smarter now!!!

  5. Oh no! That was classic me when I was a teen, my Dad would get so mad at me! I think I finally learned my lesson although I have come close a few times I am sure! It happens to the best of us and makes for a good story to tell later on;)

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Thank goodness for having family close by! : )

  7. Hi there, just stopping by from the Blog Hop. I'm your new follower and I'm wishing you much success with your blog...come see me sometime too! :)Crystal

  8. Hi there, just stopping by from the Blog Hop. I'm your new follower and I'm wishing you much success with your blog...come see me sometime too! :)Crystal


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