Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Slide show of the day

After being asked the question "so what all did you do today?" from my husband I came up with the nightly "slide show of the day". Oh, it also helps that I usually take like 20-40 pictures of my children a day. Yes... I have an external hard drive devoted to my family pictures.
... anyway, moving on... this past year with my husband deployed to Kuwait, I was religiously uploading all of our family pictures to Picasaweb so he could log on and see (a) how his baby girl was growing, (b) what kinds of stuff did we occupy our time with, and (c) my growing belly with baby girl #2. Now that he is home, he still doesn't really see what we do on a day to day basis. Sure I take pictures, but I upload them directly to the computer and unless I tag him in a few on facebook he doesn't really see them.
For Christmas, I got a new camera, and with my new camera I got one of those cords to connect it to the TV. Now I'm sure my old camera came with one, I just never used it. So every night, or sometimes every other if we get caught up, before I pull my pictures off of my camera, I hook it up to the 52" in the family room (and what parents doesn't want to see their darling angels on the 52"?) and we give dad a play-by-play of our fun filled day. He (says he) loves it and Charlotte gets a kick out of watching herself on TV. Here's an example from the other day:

Jillie watched mommy make breakfast

Charlotte went to school

We went for a ride in the wagon

Charlotte picked up some acorns

I tried to give Jillie a nap...

But Charlotte wanted to join in

Charlotte got REALLY messy with markers

Charlotte dumped all the balls out... which I cleaned up 3 times

Jilly did airplane

Not pictured but worth mentioning:
While Charlotte was at school, I did Babies R Us, Target, and grocery with Jillian
Picked Charlotte up
Made lunch
fed Jillie (a few times)
Fended off renditions of: "Abby abby, Elmo, Elmo.... Mickey Mimi?"
Prepped dinner
The end!

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