Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking Back: Charlotte's 1st birthday party

Somehow Charlotte is going to be turning 2 at the end of the month... I seriously do not know where the time went. Since I was (and still am) so proud of all the decorations I did for her birthday parties (yes... we had 2, one for our mommy/baby friends and one for family/people who work) I am going to post them all here:
Cake & Present table

Here's a bit of money saving advice... you can buy the character/design plates and napkins, but alternate them with a cheaper solid color. This way you have the design you want for the table, but you aren't spending the ridiculous amount they expect for all of your plates. No one will notice, they will probably think that you were mixing it up by adding colored plates. 

Personalized favors
These favors were a hit!! I got these buckets at the dollar store and we (mainly my mom) painted everyones names on them. Then I filled them with the balls from the ball pit. Ta da.

Month by month banner
 I got the idea for the banner on etsy. I LOVE etsy... although I have never bought anything there. I peruse for the ideas and then I make it myself. I do not want to spend money on something that I can figure out how to do myself. I bought scrapbook paper and printed out pictures of Charlotte through the year.

Instead of buying one of those "ball-pits" from the store and then having to buy more balls... I just got this inflatable baby pool on amazon for around $15 and bought up all the ball pit balls from target when they were having a sale.

 I bought the cake pan from Wilton and used cake mix with a package of pudding... yummy!

Entryway with pictures of Charlotte
Front door sign

Again, I saw the sign idea on etsy.

Favor tags
I saw favor tags on etsy (again). So I searched the internet for some cute duckie pictures and made the tag in photoshop.

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