Friday, November 15, 2013

The Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil, AKA Frogmore Stew, is the easiest meal to cook and clean up. No joke. Although it does take some time to cut all the ingredients.

We do this for tailgates and most recently, for our Hasbro Game Night party at the house. We use an outdoor boiling pot like the one pictured below.

There's no real science to what hubby does, just timing....

Here are the instructions adapted from Paula Dean. Sorry there are no amounts... we made SO much last time and the hubs bought 2 bags of potatoes, 3 bags of frozen shrimp, 4 sausage, etc.

Container of Old Bay (we're using a LARGE pot)
onion, quartered
lemon, cut in half (for flavor)
red potatoes, halved or quartered
Smoked sausage, cut into 2in pieces
corn, cut in half or third
shrimp, thawed

Fill a large pot with enough water to cover all of the ingredients.

Add the Old Bay, lemon, and onion and bring to a boil.
After water is boiling at potatoes and sausage; cook for 20 min.
Add corn; cook for 10 minutes more.
Add shrimp; cook for 3 minutes.

Pull out the inner pot (the one with the holes) and dump food onto newspaper laid out on a table
(or drain if not using an outdoor boiler pot)

Don't forget some cocktail sauce for the shrimp.


oh yeah, then for clean up... pick up the newspaper and throw away. (ok ok so you have to clean the pot, a cutting board and some knives)

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