Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Recap ::. 2013

This was my first year decorating in my new house (yay! so exciting!).  So here was year #1:

For the past 5 years we have been taking Halloween pictures with the same few families. It started with 5 kids, but we've multiplied and the same 5 families now have 10 kids. Here are my girls in those shoots:

Lastly... this was the FIRST Halloween in our new neighborhood. and Oh. My. Gosh. it was AWESOME! So many families milling around all night, it was great. We did a quick trip of the neighborhood (and the street across the way) and then came back to our house, laid out a blanket, make popcorn, and handed out candy to the rest of the "customers" (as the kids called the Trick or Treaters).

What a great night!

On a side note, I managed to buy so much discounted Halloween decor this year that I have graduated from 2 Halloween boxes to.. 3?... plus maybe some shelf space in the garage for the larger items? Sheesh!


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