Friday, September 9, 2011

What to get the Grandparents for birthday....?

You know how it is... your mom or dad's birthday is coming up and they always say "oh nothing, I don't want you to waste your money" when you ask them what they need.

WELL, I came up with a super cute gift from the girls to "Gi gi" (my mom) for her 62 (shhh, I didn't tell) birthday. Ok, so it's not really a gift, it's the thought that counts right?!

Mom was coming in from GA, so I dressed the girls up in these shirts for when she got there! She LOVED it (**when she finally read the shirts **) It also made for a great photo-op of her and the girls.

Gotta love $5 at Target and iron on letters (with coupons).

... OK, I lied, I didn't JUST come up with this shirt idea... here's 2 years ago. I still liked the idea though.
Gi Gi 60; Charlotte 6mo

** Back to the whole "mom not reading shirts" ish. I flew up to surprise my parents back when I got pregnant with Charlotte (1st grandchild... big deal!), and had my brother drive me out to the house. When I walked in the door, mom was surprised and asked "What are you doing here?" (nice, huh). I pointed at the t-shirt I was wearing. And she gave me a dumb look. So I had to tell her to read my shirt. It said (in quite large letters) "BABY BUMP". (yay, hugs, kisses, tears, etc) You'd think she'd learn... nope.

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