Thursday, September 1, 2011

One of those days

Ever have one of those days? Well... TODAY is one of those days for me... ugh.

It actually started out quite well; Jillie was up at 5:45am (after sleeping through which is a change from normal), and then wanted to stay up so we got up. I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen a bit, had some hot tea, and then the rest of the family joined us.

With today being the last day before a LONG road trip, I've got quite a few things going on; I should have made a list... which is what I normally do, but last night I couldn't find the paper, so I didn't.....

We are out of the house by 9:10 (since nothing opens til 9 anyway) because we wanted to get a lot done before our meet & greet with Charlotte's teacher in the 2's class at 11:15.  We hit the dollar tree to get some tailgate stuff (for CLEMSON WOO HOO!), then onto see hubby and grandpa at work so the girls can say 'Hi' before leaving for 2 weeks, then I text one of my friends whose daughter is in Charlotte's class to see if she's going at 11:15am and she said no, hers was at 9:15am. hmmmm.... oh well, I have 11:15 written down, off to the bank.

After the bank we run home to pick up the "My Favorites" paper about Charlotte to add to her classes and I see (when I open my notebook), that meet & greet was at 9:15-9:45am. WHAT?!?!

I gather up the girls and hustle everyone out the door to see if the teachers are still there (an hour AFTER the meet & greet ended) so I can tell her we are missing the 1st week of school and sorry we missed the meet & greet. We chat for a few minutes and I feel horrible (a) for missing the meet & greet (I am SO the trouble mom ALREADY which is funny since I'm the VP of the Parent Teacher Committee) and (b) for CHARLOTTE missing play time with friends. While we are standing there she keeps saying "I wanna play, mommy" because she knows this place.... we are here a couple times a week and she knows she gets to play with friends. Unfortunately, all her friends were there 2 hours earlier. So we go play on the playground and make a new friend for about 20 minutes.

Next we run to Babies R Us to find some of those cute white socks with the frills on them (Target does NOT carry them thank you very much) and see if they have black shoes (which... again Target did not have for Charlotte's size yesterday). Found them! Sweet. But not before Jillie starts standing up in the cart (I'm an awesome mom for putting her in the back of the cart so she doesn't topple over when she stands up instead of the front of the cart) AND with Charlotte asking for those super cute personalized bottles and cups which NEVER have her name. Poor child.

Back in the car, and it's about noon. "Food?", "I wanna go home", and "waaaaah" (from Jillie) are coming from the backseat, but I still HAVE to get to the library to pick up an Audio book for tomorrows car ride. I'll just quickly swing by. As I arrive at the library I realize that I forgot the DVDs that I need to return. Crap. As I walk inside the library, I realize that I requested the audio book to a DIFFERENT library. Double Crap.

Back to the car.

At this point I decide to go home and try to reset my karma (or at least boost my brain cells with some lunch or something).

Now it's packing and then this afternoon is library (the correct one this time) and grocery; wish me luck!!!

On the bright side.... we are going to CLEMSON tomorrow!

PS - Thanks for letting me vent :)


  1. I have THOSE days all the time. Good on you for not losing it, and for resetting your karma! I don't know (or think) to always do that.

    Have a nice trip to Clemson! I'm in SC, too!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. So SORRY for your day! Those days are awful....I seem to have them very often. I blame it on motherhood. ;)

  3. Sorry about your day! We've all been there, so don't feel alone. I'm glad you're heading out for some Clemson fun tomorrow! Have a safe and wonderful trip! :)

  4. but that doesn't explain the goose-egg!

  5. Don't we all have those days, but hope you have a great weekend!!!


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