Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mesh Feeding Teethers

Here's a quick product review on those mesh feeding teethers, more specifically the Sassy Teething Feeder although I'm sure they are all about the same.

I brought this fantastic teether out of storage just the other day to see how Jillie would like it at 6 months. She. Absolutely. Loves. It. See, she is going to town on those blueberries!

This thing is great - You can put in any fruit, vegetable, or meat (which I never tried personally -- seems kind of nasty), and let your little one practice chewing and get the flavor without having to worry about choking.

One of my girlfriends, once, put in an ice cube that she made from apple juice for her teething son. Notice I say "once"... that child got sticky apple juice EVERYWHERE as it melted!

I really REALLY like this product!

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