Monday, April 4, 2011

MAJOR Blackberry fail!

I just wanted to throw this out to my fellow bloggers... if you have a blackberry... do NOT remove the facebook application! I repeat... DO NOT remove facebook application.

So lately facebook on my blackberry has REALLY been bugging me. I would read message threads, and then go and try to find them on facebook on my computer and they would be missing. It turns out that when you delete a facebook notification of a message in blackberry, it deletes the entire thread. ugh!

So today I'd had enough. I tell myself, I really don't need like facebook on my phone. It's not like I ever reply/respond to any facebook message that I see on my phone anyway since it's too flipping slow. Plus, 9 times out of 10 I forget about it by the time I get to my computer because I no long have my handy-dandy "1" (or 2, 3, etc) on my notifications or messages.

I go playing around on my phone and figure out how to delete facebook. What could possibly go wrong? So I go to (note, do NOT do the following) Options --> Advanced Options --> Applications --> scroll down to facebook and click "delete". It does it's thing and needs to be rebooted. Sure.

About 15 minutes later I am scrolling through my call log and notice a LOT of numbers... and no names. It doesn't quite register and I think about how many people or places I called recently who weren't in my phone. hmmmmm. There was the bridal dress shop for bridesmaids dresses, the dentist...

I take a closer look and realize there SHOULD be names there. In horror I quickly click to my address book and ... it. is. completely. empty.

8 years worth of contacts, gone.

I called Verizon and that bump on a log was absolutely NO help. He suggested I reinstall facebook (yeah... didn't work).

Of course, a good idea WOULD have been to get Backup Assistant on (your) blackberry devices. Hindsight, huh? Doesn't quite help me now with all 3 contacts I have.

On the bright side, I have been meaning to do some "spring cleaning".

Time to get all my important contacts back. This should be fun.

Side Note: You CAN sign out of facebook on your phone. While the app is open, click your blackberry button (the one with the dots on it), go to options and (der) logout.

I'm still sitting here smacking myself in the head saying "stupid, stupid, stupid".


  1. When I read your title I was thinking the fruit...but then sadly no fruit. I feel your pain! I opened a spoof email last week and still have not gotten it straightened out!

  2. Oh no! Things like this make me grumpy as a computer programmer, the apps & phone software shouldn't behave like that, it's ridiculous! Sorry for your frustrations :(

  3. I think it's because now Blackberry links your facebook and linkedin pages to your contact book (why you see people's facebook profile pics when they call). It's sooooo annoying - I have blackberry assistant set up so it runs wirelessly and automatically every night at 3am. - Mairin


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