Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

... or as my best friend Erika put it today on facebook, "Happy Hallmark Holiday"... so true isn't it. Do you guys have fun plans with your Valentines this year? I don't... thanks to the Florida National Guard I am once again a temporary single mother of 2, but no biggie... Valentines Day has NEVER been our holiday.

In fact, we've never really been alone (not counting the fact that we now have kids) on Valentines Day.
Let's retrace Valentines Day for the past 8 years:
2011: Hubby leaves ON Valentines Day for a 10 day Air Assault Course
2010: Charlotte and I go to Texas to see hubby for a few days before he flies over to Kuwait.... we're together, yes... but his parents joined us in Texas
2009: It is 10 days before I had Charlotte AND Hubby is at a 2 week army drill... I ended up going to Lindsay's for dinner because her hubby was out of town at work
2008: By this time we have determined that Valentines Day was NOT our holiday, so apparently Hubby had rugby practice
2007: A good friend of ours, Lindsay, was living with us temporarily while her and her husband were in the process of moving to the area... so it was a romantic dinner for... er... 3
2006: This was before we got married so I was living in Miami and fiance was up here
2005: I was in Clemson, boyfriend was in Texas at Army Officer Basic Course
2004: We had recently started dating and boyfriend had an away rugby game... although for this year he DID make it back to his apartment by 11:30pm where I was waiting with ice cream sundays and ... well... whatnot.

There you go... see, Valentines Day is not really a big day for me, but I hope you have a fabulous day!
One of my (adorable) valentines!


  1. Love her outfit!!! Happy Valentine's day to you and your cuties!

  2. Cute cute cute!

    Enjoy your day with your 2 girls...they are darling!


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