Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wilton Cake Decorating: Week #3

Sorry, it's been a few days... busy times at the Moore Babies household!! I'll try to get back on schedule.

Class #3
I had a great time at the 3rd class! I finally learned how to do some flowers... woo hoo! Everyone was to bring 6 cupcakes to class to work on; unfortunately my mother-in-law couldn't come to class, and since I made her cupcakes, I had 12 to decorate (only got to 11 though).

HERE are my cupcakes... they're not the best, but pretty dern good in my own opinion (go me!).

We learned the Drop flower, Rosette, swirled flower (not pictured because it works better with royal icing), Shell, Pompom flower, leaves, and icing a cupcake (with LOTS of icing).

Drop Flower

Drop flower (with leaves)
Lots of drop flowers
Since I had 12 cupcakes to decorate, I started running out of time so I covered the cupcake in drop flowers... I actually really like it!


Rosette (with leaves)
I like these flowers... they look cute as a border, but I need a bit more practice.

Pompom Flower
These were pretty neat, we made these on our "Decorating Nail Set" and then we stuck them in the freezer so we could transfer them to the cupcake easier.
Pompom Flower (with leaves)

Pompom Flower (with leaves)
Then, with a few minutes left in class, here are the ones I did:

Cupcake Wars...here. I. come.!!!

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  1. These are so cute! I'm stopping in from What I Made Wednesday.


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