Sunday, May 15, 2011

Referring sites, Pinterest, Stumbleupon...

I was just scrolling through my Google Reader while I had a few minutes free (that should have been spent doing something useful like laundry, dishes, etc), and I came across Bacon Time With The Hungry Hungry Hypo's latest blog post thanking her followers and referring sites.

I've seen this quite a bit actually; blogs thanking their top 10 referrers for the month.  SO of course, I decided to check mine out. For the past month, it's a landslide... my top referrer with 601 referrals was DollarStoreCrafts, they did a post on my Ribbon and Pearl Necklace tutorial (thanks guys! WAY awesome).

I then hopped over and looked at my referrals for the day (silly I know); and I got DollarStoreCrafts (of course), pinterest (more on this in a second), ChildMade (not entirely sure what this is since when I click it, it redirects to my blog anyway), and a few others. It's fun to see where my readers are coming from!

So I clicked the pinterest link and see someone has "pinned".. or maybe "repinned" my Minnie Mouse Ears tutorial. What is Pinterest? According to the site it is "a place to catalog the things you love". I actually just glanced at someones blog today about Pinterest... apparently I have to look into it more. It looks like a supped-up version of a bookmarking... where you can follow other peoples bookmarks.  For those of you who use it... is that what it is? It is worth it to sign up for ANOTHER site?

The last thing I was checking out was (Bacon Time With The Hungry Hungry Hypo had mentioned it). THIS looks like something that would be worth while to the blog, right? So I sign up, create an account, (sort of) start to stumble, attempt to add my blog (not sure it actually worked)... and then little one woke up and needed food. So I gave up. I did add a little stumble logo to show up after each post if people want to "stumble" my post... hey, I figure every little bit helps! Does anyone else use stumbleupon?

Thoughts? Comments?


  1. I have used Stumbleupon for work, and for some of my own bookmarks... Another way to promote your content is twitter. I use it, and my tweets are private, so not everyone can see them, but through #FF (friday follows) I have a decent following.

  2. Hey Stevie :-)
    I talked about Pinterest a couple of times on my blog this last week ... check it out!
    I LOVE it - it really is just a different way to look at cool stuff and identify things you really like - or things you want to try.
    I think it's totally worth it! :-)

  3. I haven't checked out stumbleupon yet...I'll have to! But I LOVE pinterest...I'm a bit addicted!



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