Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I {used to} Love my catdoor!

Who's up for a funny story? We're all up for one every once in a while, so here goes.

Now here is a quick back story.
I have a large dog, Duke pictured to the side (remember this picture, it is relevant to the story), and 2 black cats, O'hara and Mclintock. We had a cat door from our house to our garage so the cats could come and go as they pleased while we worked and went on vacation, but we had to leave the garage door up about 6 inches so they could crawl under. After our eldest was born we decided that wasn't safe and kept the door shut, but installed a cat door from the garage to the backyard. In the past 5 years the cats have blessed us by bringing in (live) rats, squirrels, opossums, birds (that was a rude awakening as the bird flew into our room followed by the cats and dog), and about a million geckos and frogs.

Let's jump ahead to 2 nights ago; we were awakened by some wrowling (cat owners will know the sound I'm talking about). We turned on the lights and got out of bed to see O'hara stalking a rat in our bedroom. awesome. We chased them both into the kitchen and finally out the french doors. Before heading back to bed I barricaded the cat door so she didn't bring the rat BACK in.

NOW we are at last night...
We were awakened at 2:30am to dog barking. So hubby and I both hushed yell "DUKE! Shhhh!" No sense in waking up the girls. But the barking keeps going. I turn on the lights and we head out to the entryway... all the while thinking (in my sleepy haze) that Duke sounds weird, and something must be wrong with him. Remember the picture of Duke? Well he's a big dog who barks like "WOOOF, WOOOOF", not so much like "Bark! rrrrof! Bark bark bark bark!". Well, I was hearing the later. Hubby and I get to the front hall (with Duke wandering behind us, great guard dog huh?) and just stop and stare. There is a flipping CHIHUAHUA in our house! Really?! A Chihuahua? (explains the bark though).  So I grab a towel and we chase him around opposite sides of the couch and I grab him up and throw him out the front door.

Let me show you what this dog went through to get into my house:
1.) The cat door from backyard to garage... which has just a bit of junk in the way.  Oh I should add that the backyard is fenced in... can Chihuahuas jump? Apparently we have a hole in a fence...

2.) Cat door to the house - which ok, is not difficult... but whatever. It's still ANOTHER door.

A Chihuahua came into my house! (and my dog could care less)

Later my mom asked me if he had a collar on or if I figured out who he belonged to. I told her, "Mom, it was 2:30 in the morning, I could care less who he was, I just wanted him to shut up and get out of my house".


  1. Too funny. I have always debated on getting one of those cat doors, but wondering what other critters might come in has always stopped me. Now, I know I won't be getting on. :-)

  2. haha! This is funny and reminds me of a story of my own. We used to a cat door growing up, and one night a three legged cat came walking through our living room! My dad took it back to the end of of our driveway.. the cat (with three legs) beat my dad back to the house and back through the cat door! :)

  3. LOL What a funny story...well for me since it didn't happen to me lol New follower from Who in the World Hop, drop on by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!



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