Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pizza Night: #3

Pizza Night at the MooreBabies household is brought us by Pizza Hut... no literally, we had Pizza Hut for dinner. I was REALLY considering making pizza, but our kitchen was in complete disarray.  So my new quest (to find the best pizza recipe) is on hold for a week.

We have a 1400 sq ft house... and when you take away 200 of that, things get a little tight. Add to that 4 adults (my parents came to help) and 2 children (plus all of the baby gear), it's just about unlivable.

Our kitchen table was moved about 1.5 feet towards the cabinets,  part of the couch was moved so it backed up to the table, the exersaucer was kept either in the middle of the kitchen floor when Jillie was in it, or propped out of the way on of the small sections of couch that was also crammed next to the kitchen table. Lastly, the counters were full of tile laying and cleaning gear. We determined that making pizza would be too difficult and messy.

Pizza (and movie) Night #3: EASY (well in regards to the pizza)!
I must say that Pizza Hut's Pan pizza was oh-so-yummy... and very convenient!
Movie: The Lion King

It's a good thing we have a large TV or we would have had to break out the binoculars to see the movie.

Picture taken from location of TV
Notice our laboradoodle Duke looking in through the french doors forlornly (above). He was banished to the backyard during our home improvement project.

I am already looking for a recipe for this week's pizza night! Let me know if you have any favorites!

Stay tuned for a post on our super-fun (mmm right) home improvement project!

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