Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our Garden ::. The Fourth Month

Ok, technically this will be the 3rd AND 4th months post... because time got away from me with the end of school and vacation and I never got around to writing it.

Last month we tore out the depleted green bean plants and quite woodsy lettuce plants and planted black beans, more green beans, a few sun flowers (the girls begged us!), cucumber that we started from seed in those little starter cups and zucchini that we started from seed directly into the garden bed... and some flower seeds that Charlotte got from her teacher in school.

After a short time, everything seemed to be sprouting and growing well...

We pulled ALL the onions...

Picked most of the carrots -- but they were hidden by our extremely overgrown tomato plants so they didn't fare overly well... but still... kind of fun! Our tomatoes have been hit with a few rounds of bug issues and fungus... but after some seven dust and some other organic spray for the fungus... they continue to produce. We've gotten at least 2 red, yellow, and orange... and lots of green bell peppers.

AND THEN the girls and I went on a 2 week road trip and between heat (gotta love Florida summer... and the direct sun), lack of attention by someone who shall not be named (ahem, ahem), or something... we lost our cucumbers AND zucchini, our tomato plants exploded and were bug filled, and we lost several belle peppers to the bugs.

Lost cucumbers and zucchini
On the bright side, we still have some peppers growing...

  The green beans are producing ...

The tomatoes are still coming in...

And Charlotte's flowers from school are doing great.

Oh... and our sunflowers are ginormous!!!

Here is the current garden.


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  1. Charlottes flowers are zinnias! Make very pretty cut bouquets


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