Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last Day of school!

My oldest daughter has graduated!! ok ok, so it's only pre-school/VPK, but I'm allowed to get sentimental, right?!
With it being the end of the year and all, I've been bitten by the craftiness bug.

Charlotte and several of her friends are now sporting their "Pre-K Graduation shirts" that I embroidered.

The boys version

Both her and Jillie's classmates know how to get in touch with us over the summer for playdates.  Based off of She's Kinda Crafty's free printable.

Graduate duckies for the PreK graduates

And her teachers are feeling a touch more appreciated.

"Thanks for helping me grow"

A few weeks ago we did the whole "bring a small present daily" plus a class gift for Teacher appreciation week; but I wanted to say one final thank you to the teachers.

I hope everyone had a fantastic year!


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