Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reward chart and treasure box!

Charlotte's preschool class started using a reward system for getting the children to behave in class. She was only in twice a week, so they started the week with 2 gold doubloons - they gained or lost doubloons depending on how they acted. If they ended up with 6 at the end of the week they got to choose a small price from treasure box (like the party favor packs at the dollar store like magnifying glasses, bubbles, colored hair braid clips, etc). Charlotte loved it and her teacher told me she was so polite and well-behaved.

Moving over to the Moore Babies house... I was getting to the point where I was PO'd frustrated every evening at the mess in the girls rooms and the shoes and clothes strewn about the house.

We had moved from a one story small house to a 2 story much larger house. So picking up shoes and toys after 4 (yes, husband is included in this, no offense hubby) kids is a lot more time consuming in the new house.

I finally decided to start our very own "Treasure box", but instead of gold doubloons, I found (and tweaked) a sticker chart. I actually just googled "free toddler chore chart" and found one that I liked and then added a column in photoshop. (I like the Modern Toddler Chore Chart from dandee)

The girls have to:
1. make up their beds (Jillie gets help)
2. Put their clothes in the hamper or if we are downstairs, into the washing machine
3. Bring their breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates over to the sink
4. Pick up their room (the play room is a different story)
5. Put their shoes in the closet in the hang-up rack (I found mine at bed bath and beyond)

At the end of each day, we go through each item, and they get stickers for the chores they have completed. If they don't do a chore, they get an "X"... 3 "X"'s means NO treasure box.

On Saturday evening, they get TREASURE BOX! I filled my treasure box with stuff from the target dollar section, dollar store, etc. (ok so some of the items are more than a dollar, but they were SOOOO cute!) I flip a coin to see who gets to pick first (although I may just alternate!).

And then it was Jillie's turn...

We have been doing this a month or so now and it's going pretty well. This past week Charlotte had some attitude and got 2 "X"s. But after reminding her what was at stake, she changed her tune and has been making up her bed first thing in the morning ever since! (score 1 for mommy)

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