Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Honda Odyssey

The Moore's are now proud owners of a navy 2009 Honda Odyssey with leather interior. Yes... at the ripe old age of 26, I have a minivan. (don't worry, my mom has already made fun of me).

Here's our reasoning behind it -- my car was 12 years old and the radiator had just died (boy did I love that explorer). We didn't want to get a new little car because we were planning on expanding the family shortly and it didn't make sense to buy a small car that would be upgraded in a few short years anyway. Secondly, we couldn't justify spending 35K + on a brand new explorer (tear).... SO that lead us to the minivan.

In fact, when we set out that day, we weren't even planning on buying a car... we were just getting all of our ducks in a row for when my car REALLY died, and the cash for clunker went into effect. The Honda dealership was the last one of the day and we got a great deal! This guy was trying to sell 2 more Odysseys by the end of the month so they could get their quota in for some award for their dealer (... or something). So he was motivated. We told him that if we waited a few weeks, we would get at least $3,500 for my explorer for the cash for clunkers. The salesmen said, "what if I give you $3,500 for your old car?" (sure). They we told him that we typically get a military discount from other dealers. He replied that they don't do military discount there at Honda (what?! That is messed up.... but not part of the story) but he would give us the discount. Then we told him to take off a few thousand more, since they REALLY wanted to sell the car... and he did.

After he "went to the back to talk", in other words... make us sweat a little bit, we got it... and we drove home in our new minivan.

I love it. I really do.

It seats 7, has in-floor storage, the stow-and-go seats in the back so they fold straight down, cup holders galore, dual sliding doors, .... and I could go on.

All I need to do now is figure out when the front and the back of the car are so I don't end up hitting something (side note - almost hit the barrier leaving the airport because I didn't know where the front right corner of the car was... woops).

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