Friday, December 6, 2013

You might be a Christmas fan if...

As I was taking out my Christmas decorations the other day (in all 12 bins, plus some non-binned stuff) I re-realized what I've known for ever. I'm a HUGE Christmas fan.

First of all, I have like 12 bins of Christmas decorations, clothes, etc, not counting stuff that doesn't fit into bins and some wreaths. I LOVE the Christmas holiday.

There are many ways that show how much of a Christmas fan I am, but one of the first things that stuck out was when I was in my kitchen switching out some of my everyday stuff for Christmas stuff.

So to finish my post title Jeff Foxworthy style...

You might be a Christmas fan if... You have more Christmas mugs than everyday mugs.
17 Christmas mugs > 9 non-Christmas mugs


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