Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Decorating the Tree

I know I've written on Christmas tree decorating before, but I just love doing it. Granted, it took me a little longer in the season to complete the decorating of our tree... but still... we are done (finally!)

I love decorating primarily because of the ornaments; they bring back memories of people, places, events, and more and countless times during the decorating process a smile is brought to my face simply from an ornament.

Our first Christmas | First Christmas Church
        Our year with Disney passes | My grandma's handpainted ornaments
Our trip to the Keys | Clemson Tigers, of course!
Baby's 1st Christmas | Our Canada Babymoon     

In our new house I am finally able to put our tree in front of a front facing window so that it can be seen from the outdoors (like ours was growing up!). I do have a bit of advice for other "front facing window tree putter-uppers"... if your tree is seen from the road, actually decorate the back of your tree.
Case in point, the girls and I were on a walk the other day to see the lights and we came across one such example: The lights on the tree were on, they just didn't go all the way around the tree so that I could see them. Such a waste of a "front facing window" tree location.

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