Saturday, January 26, 2013

We bought a house... FINALLY!

I've mentioned a few times here in blog-land (here, here... I'm sure there's more) that we have been trying to buy a new house...

Well after 12 months (no, I'm serious)... we FINALLY CLOSED!

We put an offer on this house on December 30, 2011 (and closed January 11 , 2013). We actually kept looking and coming back to this house.. so no, we weren't twiddling our thumbs for a whole year. It was a short sale (a REALLY REALLY LONG short sale) complete with tax liens, HOA liens, and various other issues.

But that is all over because it. is. ours!

And hubby even carried me over the threshold!
PS - this house has like the BIGGEST yard in the neighborhood... no joke! All these new houses are built on top of each other. This yard is one of the reasons we kept coming back to this house.

Yay! Now begins the moving process...


  1. Exciting! You must’ve been very busy moving in these past few weeks. Have you finished moving? Anyway, I love how spacious the house is, especially the backyard. Your kids will surely enjoy playing around your property. Congrats! +Carmen Monrovia

  2. Looks like that house was really meant for you. Even though it took you almost a year to finally complete all the needed documents, you didn't give up. Seeing how huge your yard is, I now know why you pushed through with it. What else can I say? Congrats and happy moving!

    -Madalyn Mcclelland


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