Friday, January 11, 2013

1 month already?!

It's funny, when you have your first child, your life revolves around them and you change your schedule to suit theirs. "Oh no, we have to be at xxx time, it's nap time" or "it's lunch time". BUT when you add more kids to the mix, they just have to fit right in. Sure, it may be nap time for baby, but it's also time to pick big sis up from school OR drive her to ballet OR it's the absolute only time to get to the grocery. That's what the snap n go's are for anyway, right?  I swear, Jillie lived (and mainly napped) in my Ergo baby carrier (which is awesome by the way).

That all being said, I can not believe Lizzie is a month old already!! I ask myself where the time went... but I know exactly; the holidays. She was born, then 10 days later we drove up to Georgia and had Christmas, then drove home, then it was New Years, and now we are trying to get a routine going.
Speaking of "fitting right in" to the schedule, at 1 month Lizzie has already:
- been to her first ballet practice AND recital
- been to TWO birthday parties
- celebrated TWO holidays; Christmas and New Years
- been on a 9 hour road trip and visited another state
- visited the park 5 times
- "played" at the mall (ok, so I use "played" a bit roughly)
Not to mention all the grocery, walmart, target...

She's doing pretty well and the girls LOVE "their little sissy" so much. She's beginning to be more alert and awake just in the past few days which is awesome; however her being awake around 7 is interfering with dinner making (we're going to have a little talk... lol).

Her night time sleeping is hit or miss, but last night she DID sleep from 11ish to 5:30am -- Go Lizzie!

1 week
2 weeks

3 weeks
 4 weeks

Plans for month 2 include some of the same PLUS Junior League meetings, Busch Gardens and Disney World, AND move into our NEW HOUSE!!

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