Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby weight.... It. Is. On!

Woo hoo! I have gotten the OK from the doctor to head back to the gym AND Lizzie is 6+ weeks (6 weeks is the youngest they will watch babies at the kid-zone at the Y).

Yesterday was my first workout post-baby because Charlotte was at the Y for ballet class. Mom and dad are visiting so Lizzie didn't actually go into the kid-zone but that's beside the point.

How cute?!
I took it easy just 10 minutes running and 7 minutes on the stepper... and then I went to watch Charlotte's ballet class.

Here are the stats...
Weight - 7 weeks post baby: 143 lbs
Goal: 130 (MAY be a tad optimistic since I haven't been 130 since my wedding, lol... but I can dream can't I)

I'm motivated... baby weight, IT. IS. ON!


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