Friday, July 27, 2012

One more chance for hand-me-downs...

If you missed the Gender Reveal Post, #3 is going to be ANOTHER GIRL! Maybe I ought to change this blog to "Moore Girls" instead of "Moore Babies", I kid I kid.

So the other day I was rotating out the clothes in my youngest daughters closet.

Getting all the rest of the 12mo clothes out of the closet ...

Last of the 12 mo clothes
... and pulling the 24mo clothes out of storage. (PS - I SWEAR Charlotte was JUST in these clothes, I can't believe Jillie is going to start wearing them)
24 month clothes

For all previous clothes rotations, I always felt a twinge of guilt for packing up those super cute outfits that only got 1 or 2 uses out of them. But THIS TIME... I just smiled knowing that another of my little girls is going to wear them!

I really lucked out with their birthdays:
Charlotte - February
Jillian - September

I had a to buy a few things that were kind of off-season between the 1st two girls, but...

#3 - December.... right in the middle. I will pretty much not have to buy this little girl ANY new clothes (unless of course I see something super-duper-oober-cute- that I MUST buy my darling baby girl).


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